The program of the workshop is the following:

9.00 Automated interactive narrative synthesis using dramatic theory
by Carlos Antonio Dominguez, Yuya Ichimura, and Mubbasir Kapadia.

9.20 Automatic Lighting Design from Photographic Rules
by Jérémy Wambecke, Romain Vergne,  Georges-Pierre Bonneau, and Joelle Thollot

9.40 Automated Cinematography with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
by Quentin Galvane, Julien Fleureau, Francois-Louis Tariolle, and Philippe Guillotel

10.00 Coffee break

10.30 Camera-on-rails: Automated Computation of Constrained Camera Paths
by Quentin Galvane, Christophe Lino, Marc Christie, Rémi Ronfard

10.50 Analysing Film Cinematography with Embedded Constrained Pattern
by Hui-Yin Wu, and Marc Christie

11.10 Introducing Basic Principles of Haptic Cinematography Editing
by Philippe Guillotel, Fabien Danieau, Julien Fleureau, and Ines Rouxel

11.30 Contact visualization, by Jean-Eudes Marvie and  Gael Sourimant

11.50 Closing of workshop

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